SCBIHE takes pride in running the excellent course of B.Sc. It has Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics(PCM) and Zoology ,Botany, and Chemistry (ZBC) group in B.Sc with well versed and extremely acknowledged faculty . A lot of emphasis is laid on practical Science and Special focus is given on fundamental concepts of Basic Content. Students of SCBIHE have special privilege to interact with the famous Scientists and Mentors of Council of Science And Technology. A lot of activities Science Park visit, Model making , Science Qizzes, Powerpoint Presentations, Innovations in Science, Science Exhibitions enhance the scientific temper of the students of B.Sc.


The curriculum of Commerce stream at SCBIHE focuses on employability skill of students. Practical knowledge of auditing, taxation, accounting financial planning etc is provided to the students. We also arrange Industrial tours, project work, and surveys for the students of commerce stream to have first-hand knowledge of their future prospects Commerce gives students a general idea of buying and selling of goods, provision of services, productions and property, and much more. The department of commerce is very active and help in organising all the big events at the premises of the college .The department focuses on using multilevel approach to empower its students by using pedagogy of learning by participating. Apart from intensive and interactive classroom teaching, the students were given opportunity to participate in activities which help them avail benefits of practical learning.


D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education) for this program the intake in done on the Basis of counseling the done by the Uttar Pradesh State Basic Education Department along with Exam Regulatory Authority (Pariksha Niyamak Pradhikari) Prayagraj. Online Applications are invited after which candidates select are allowed to choose Institutions of their choice based on merit List prepared by the state Government.

Welcome to all the students of D.El.Ed (BTC) Program. Education plays a vital role in the development of human potential. SCBIHE takes pride in announcing that it has developed its Curriculum of BTC. to meet the challenges of changing times. The department of B.T.C envisages freedom for the students to innovate and to carry on their teaching plans in a manner that is relevant in the present scenario and also reflects the concerns and aspirations of the Community. We focus on creating effective teaching –learning experiences not only through classroom activities but also through field activities. In order to ensure utilization of material and human resources of Community for the be?erment of the school and to improve the quality of education,the Pupil teachers are supposed to develop close and cordial relations with the community. The main aim of B.T.C. course revolves around developing independent thinking, originality productivity, critical and creative thinking skill, scientific temper, smart teaching to educate the coming generations that will have the competency to tackle its problems creatively with a commitment to human values and to social justice.
During the training period of two years ample of workshops are organized by the Experts to create teaching aids such as toys, games, charts, cutouts, flash cards, models, specimens, slides, transparencies, PowerPoint, presentations, digital lesson planning, Programs for webcasting and for organizing different Co-Curricular activities.
Students are also trained to make clinical plans, online teaching, ERP System, to work on Smart School Management Software. We frequently provide the platform in the form of multifarious activities and to draw the hidden Potential of the students and to explore their talent. National and International workshops and Seminars are organized on a regular basis. We train our BTC students to organise all those activities and programs which are expected to be organized at a school not only in India but in any school situated in any part of the world.