Although academic and curricular excellence activities are our predominant objective, making an ideal human being foremost is the ultimate aim of the Subhash educational group of institutions. Students have great potential and boundless energy, which needs to be carefully harnessed and adequately channelized. Misdirected and ignorant students are wasting their energy on destructive and momentary pleasing pursuits nowadays. Everyday newspapers and news channels unveil terrible stories of young student’s perversion, indulging in plagiarism, indisciplined life practices, committing suicides, misbehaving teachers and elders, boycotting classes, achieving grades by coercion, and forgery. In this dark and dismal scenario, it is evident that education should be examined in light of its contribution to individual growth and to bring about fundamental structural changes in society. These changes are required for the creation of a just, peaceful, and harmonious society. Keeping this in view, the Subhash Educational Society has created an Institute of Higher Education for students and faculty to aspire to higher altitudes. The SCBIHE is situated in the ambiance of IIM Lucknow where students are growing with positive and academic vibes all around. The value-added courses in the curriculum, international exposure with technically advanced infrastructure train our students to confront the challenges of the globalized society.Having considerate and liberal management to support, a very learned and excellent team of faculty headed by a very eminent Asst Director and enthusiastic administrative staff, I feel privileged to provide a healthy atmosphere to one and all who stepped on the campus. It is also my desire to be the perfect guardian to the students who are here with high aspirations. I endeavor to ensure strict discipline among teachers and the students for a healthy and learning environment. Future guidance, intermittent coaching, and needful mentoring is provided to all students to ascertain their best of the future.

Awanish Singh